Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh my..........

Was it really May 1st since I last posted? I guess the summer just slips away, with no rhyme or reason. Since may 1st, we have been busy, that is for sure. Vacation trip to No California, yard work, gardens. Mowing and ugh, what else? No time to clean house or blog. Where are the Merry Maids? I will accept fairies too. Who ever shows up first. I am not picky!
By the time we got back from vacation, I was so tired of trying to grow veggies, I have decided to stick to flowers. I was disgusted, and had planted so few items, it should not have been all that hard, but, the cukes were still bitter after taking the advice of master gardeners and adding lime to the soil. The zuchini even was few and far between. You know it is bad then! I must say though, the whole month of May we went without rain, so I was trying to water things, but gave up. I had the lawn all mowed, and thought, hey, I leave for vacation June 30th, and without rin, the lawn won't be a pasture when I get home! Of course it poured right before I left. So much for that idea.
I had a good time in California. I had a lovely visit with the in laws, and the boys were worn out when I got there. (This was a good sign!) I met some wonderful folks while I was there too. And had a lot of good food. Came home to not being able to fit into my Wranglers all that well. Once I commenced yard work that seemed to work to slim back down a tad. Once it got really hot here, I stayed indoors too much, and need to start working out. (Insert whining here) I really do love working out, it is just hard to get back on the treadmill. Jeans weather is sneaking in and out, and reminding me daily to get my rump in gear. Such is life.
I need to get out and take some video. The only thing left is some flowers and gourd plants. That will be a site to see. Honest, it is quite funny!
Anyway..... I decided what would be fun this next few months or so, is to offer up some freebies to my friends, from my friends all over the web! Nothing that I can say I endorse, and make money from, cuz I have to say that from the governments stand point. Did you see that on the news last night? Back to the freebies. If you have patterns you would like to offer as a freebie, give me a shout. E-patterns are preferable, graphics are great. It is good free advertising for you, and fun for my readers. Give me a shout if you like! SKennen @ Remove the spaces. If you would like to win something, in the next few days, I will be posting some goodies to win as well as the first one today! Contests, gotta love them!
So, let the games begin! Today, I have a free pattern to give away, from none other than moi! I have been busy designing new patterns, and I will be sending out a pattern to one lucky person! In the comments section, post your favorite fall thing to do? Is it that first burst of color from the trees, or a family get together to do something that is a family tradition that is, to you, the start of fall?
I will be emailing a winner first thing in the morning!
Thanks for patiently waiting for A Cowgirl Spirit to opening the barn doors back up and dust off the saddles filled with cobwebs, and getting back to writing! Be sure to sign up for the RSS feed so you won't miss a post!
Have a great day y'all!

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