Friday, May 1, 2009

Need Volunteers.........

Currently seeking old hoers. Must work hard, in not so harsh conditions. No laying around in the flower beds to do the work. Must be experienced in the hoeing field. Fringe benefits available. (Will furnish grubs, err, I meant grub.)

Doesn't that just make you wonder? "What kind of woman is this gal?" Crazy I guess. When your back aches from all that hard work, you think of ways to ease up the work load. Strange things always cross my mind.

Hubby has taken the week off, so he can lay around in bed all day long, and do nothing. Tee hee. He can't keep up with his old hoe. Tsk Tsk. PBR bull riding being bumped too late, just for hockey play offs. Sheesh. What is the world coming to? Nothing much to watch, and by the time I sit down, I crash.

We are having the in laws coming out from No. California over Memorial Weekend. So I am, of course, in a state of mass cleaning, as well as trying to finish up planting, and yard clean up. When they get here, I can rest on my laurels. I have the need to prioritize things that need to be done. I want it all done at once of course, but I am only one woman. We all know though, that one woman is worth ten men. I believe that. ;)

Gramma and Grampa G are the greatest. (Names have been changed to protect their innocence.) They will be taking the boys back to California with them, for over a month. Then I will meet up with them for a week and a half of Frontier Days fun over the 4th of July week. I can't wait! For no kids here that is. HAHA. Hubby says, "What will you do without them?" Run around the house nekked like I used to, before kids. I think he hopes he will still be here for that.

Well, now that we have had rain, it is time to mow the lawn again. I also want to try something new for the hanging baskets today. I bought these morning glory seeds last year that are deep pink and a purple that looks blue, with white edges. So, I will try that, with something tall in the middle. I have no idea what. I usually buy plants, but we will see. You just can't find the plants you want all the time here. Seeds are something to try. I also need something for my planters around the pool. It is hard to find something that can with stand the heat and sun all day long here. I have decided to try those short sunflowers. I just will have to remember to water them. Note to self, "try harder this year."

Okie dokie then. Off to the hoeing. Have a blessed weekend!


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