Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Lil About Family

I think I really forgot to introduce myself, and my family! My name is Sue, as indicated in my profile, had you taking the time to read it. ;) I have been married to my hubby Bo for almost 17 years now. We have two wonderful sons, Brody and Chance. We live here in Central Louisiana. Can't say we're from here, as most folks around yonder here can tell by our accent. "Y'all ain't from round here, r ya?" No, I guess our California "accents" gave us away. What accent???

We have a lil acreage here, that we call the Triple Nickel Ranch, and gathering info from my other posts, we have bucking bulls. We have always loved rodeo, and always wanted to raise bulls, so here we are. We want our pastures overflowing with bucking bull stock. We have partnered up with Rob Smets, and look forward to doing this all the rest of our days. He and his wife Carla are good people.

I have decided that in between chores and designing patterns for crafters, that I am a self professed cowgirl humorist. Lord help us all. Baxter Black ain't got nuthin on me! Well, maybe a few syndicated columns or two. I keep my hubby in stitches at times. That is when he gets to be home from work. He works for the offshore industry, and works out of the country a good part of the year. Bless his heart. I love that man.

We have a good marriage. It grows and thrives like weeds, er I mean flowers. As long as I don't hand him a honey do list. Oh Lord, I will never forget handing him his first list. He kindly (it wasn't too kindly) handed it back to me, and said, don't ever give me a honey do list again. You ladies know how well that landed in my craw. But, after we have been together so long, he does the list, it just ain't from no piece of paper. I have to work it just right, never letting him know it is a list in my noggin. Or I end up doing it myself, and he says, I would have helped you! "Yes, dear, but I wanted it done before I push up daisies" I tell him. In the back of my mind, of course. Yup. We're a pair of lovesick pups, alright.

We decided a long time ago to home school. I have decided I have learned more in the last 9 years homeschooling than I ever learned in my school years. I thought I was done with school. Sheesh. It has always made it easier on us, with them to be able to travel when we take a notion to go somewhere, without being hassled about too many sick days without doctors notes. That is all I will be sayin on that subject. That will have to be a book. I wil jus ned a gud edator wen I rite it.

We love good friends, good times spent in the fresh air, and The Good Lord. Country cookin for me. Meat and taters. Beef, it is what's for dinner and all that stuff. If the Good Lord wanted us to eat just veggies, He would not have given us those chompers in the back of our mouth for chewin a hardy chunk of steak, and warsh it down with a good ol glass of milk. Can I do one of those milk commercials fellas? I know I ain't famous, but who cares. I will actually be having a real milkstache, but it is really drippin off my chin, not a Charlie Chaplin stache.

I guess that is enough for now. I probably left a lot out, but you probably stopped readin this a few paragraphs back. Here's to keeping yer back to the wind, and yer hoss headed you down the right trail.

Blessings, Sue

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tales from the Trail

Good Morning everyone!

We finally arrived home from Texas last night at midnight. We went over to Rob's house out by Abilene, and rounded up the cattle to worm them. What an event! Bo had talked Rob in to saddling up another horse and letting me ride with the Adam and Rob. I was excited, but knew I was a total green horn at rounding up a herd! Not only that, but I have only ridden horses sporadically since meeting my hubby Bo, 18 years ago!

I knew a bit about what to do, and listened to Rob and Adam to the T, as far as I could. Hard to hear ya yelling at me in to the wind guys! ;) Rooster, the gelding I rode, knew what to do though. Thank goodness! I have always wanted to ride a cutting horse, well, I got my first taste of that! Might be thinking better on buying a cutting horse right away! It really was a treat to see Adam and Rob rope those cattle. Flying across the field, and throwing those lariats. I personally can rope, and ride, and I can even rope a calf. All of this being done while everything is standing still though. I told Bo I wished he had video taped them.

Well, I dunno how good of a job I did, but, I survived it, save for my rump roast. One thing you need to know, is that I finally know what they sell Boudreux's butt paste for, as well as that Anti Monkey Butt Powder at Tractor Supply. Making that trip to town for that now. YOUCH. I now know where the term yippy ki yi ya came from. The only thing that made those bruises, and road rash worse is driving 8 hours to get home.

We did see just how much Texas needs some rain, so I will keep saying a prayer for you all. Here's to greener pastures coming your way soon. Well, maybe not THOSE greener pastures!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good morning to all of you! It has been busy here at the Triple Nickel Ranch. In my last edition, I spoke of my hubby Bo being up at Rob's loading some young bulls to bring back home. He had stopped off at Casey and Rickey Norcutts place to buck them, and see what kind of prospects we had going. I told Bo I was getting a brand made up. It is a bar with BQ under it. If they don't buck, they get that brand. Some of these bulls were really young, but might just get that brand next time out. If you breed bucking bulls, you know what I mean! Hubby looks like he had a knock down drag out with some of them, which is just what happened! We have a few ornie ones in the bunch. One will bluff you, but the other is going over the fence with you. Lil bugger. He is 2, and huge already.

We have a bull that has been to some Enterprise and Discovery PBR events. He is doing well. We call him Soap on a Rope. Donnie Gay thought that was a funny name, and wondered who named him. Hubby did. It was appropriate. Those cowbows get hung on him, and look like soap on a rope, flopping around, hung up on him. Once our website is up and running, there will be pics. He is the bull that got this trouble started.

We sponsored a rodeo last year to have Rob come out and announce it. He is doing announcing now. He asked my husband what we really wanted to do. He told Rob, we want to get in to the bull business. We have wanted to do that for so long now. Rob sees this bull in the chutes, and gives hubby a nod. He said, that's the one. So, off we go to the races. That is Soap as we call him at home. He had Ryan Dirteater on the ground in 2 seconds at an event last year in Victoria. Every time he rides a bull this year, I always tell hubby, he didn't ride Soap last year, in a sing song tone, and a snicker. Not that I am braggin on my baby. It rally is hard to be a bull owner. What do you prefer to see, a cowboy ride your bull, or the bull win? I plead the 5th on that for now! ;)

We are headed up to Rob's to pick up some mama's and babies tomorrow. It should be an interesting day. Amusing for me.Bo and Rob are like two roosters, strutting their stuff, bickering back and forth like an old married couple. It is hilarious to hear them when they are on the phone. I just hear hubby and know they are having a boxing match. Doesn't take much to amuse me I guess. It will be a quick trip hubby says. Yeah, 8 hours there and 8 hours back. I do love it though. Nothing beats doing what you love. We were out watching the sunset a couple weeks ago. Nope, nothing like it in the world. I am blessed.

Well, kids, I will catch you on the next sunrise! Have a good day!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cowgirl Facials

I know a lot of you cowgirls know exactly where this story is going! All those romps out on the 4 wheeler fixing fences can get rough. But I used that time to go to a spa! Can you believe it? Yessiree buckaroo. If you get that speedometer up to 50 MPH and run through mud, you get the best mud facial, and for free, you get a hair restoration mud pack. Sure beats salon prices, especially when you figure in fuel in the dually to get to town, then spa prices? Sheesh, I got that done for free! There is a fabulous lip balm out there too. Cow patties. I guran dang tee you that you will not have chapped lips ever. What's the secret you say? You will never lick your lips again! ;)I tell ya, cow mud is the secret to not aging so fast! That being mud that you get only through a cow pasture. Hmm, maybe I should bottle it and sell it.

Speaking of cow pastures, do you know what a cowgirl likes most of all. That time when she gets out of the city, and takes a deep breathe, and smells the sweet smell of cow poop. She knows she is home when that fragrance wafts through her nostrils. Mmm mm. Nothing beats that but the green grass coming in for the spring, and the flowers blossoming. If you say yuck, you might be a city slicker.

The babies are hitting the ground now, of course. Nothing better then sitting on our 4 wheelers, like Bo and I did a few weeks back, watching the sun going down, and a calf being born. It is a privilege to see. The comic relief watching a baby struggle to get to his feet, and wobble, and Mama is busy drying him off, pushing and tugging. He tumbles like a drunkard, and tries again. You can just hear him say, hey, Mom, let me get my land legs, and get some chow, would ya? Poor thing!

Well, here goes another day at the Triple Nickel Ranch! Bo is currently busy picking up some young bulls over at Rob's place in Texas, and bringing them here to Louisiana. He'll make a pit stop in Emory to buck them for the first time, and see what might come of them. Feed getting hard to find, so we will bring them here for the time being. We are saying prayers for rain for y'all in Texas.

Here's to another day, and another 2 cents worth of yackin. I need to go change my muddy britches and get some chores done!

Blessings, Sue