Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Autumn, sorta??

Happy Friday to everyone! I hope this weekend brings you all sorts of fun things to do! Here in Central Louisiana, we are trying very hard to have fall, but it is just not happening too much yet! It was 102 yesterday with the heat index, and tomorrow it is supposed to be 69. What a difference, but it will be nice to have that cooler weather. I love trying to get the windows thrown open for a few days a year. It is hard to catch nice cooler days that aren't too humid or damp outside to do so. The AC is still blaring this morning, working hard to cool us off, as it is about to come a big rain, barreling towards us from TX. After that hits, it will be cooler than it is now!

I actually started fall cleaning yesterday, officially. The upstairs is done. Well, except for Chance's room. That is a scary challenge, and I need his help. What I consider garbage might be goodies for making something, as in science projects. He might need that scrap of paper. Gosh, where does he get this from? My hubby of course! I would never save scraps of anything, hoping to use it later on!

Congratulations to Niki for winning a pattern from my contest the other day! She will be receiving my latest pattern to be released soon! I have been so busy designing, and crafting for the antique mall booth. Yes, I am trying a booth, and mixing in antiques with the crafted items. Most collectors love handmade items, so I thought I would give it a whirl, atleast through the holidays. There are no craft malls of course, and no country stores out here. I would love to put up a little shop here on the property. We went to a great one in Missouri last year, on someones property. It was a cute little shop that the proprietress set up in one of those little shed buildings that you can buy most anywhere these days. It looked so small from the outside, but she packed a ton of things into this building. Very cute set up. I don't know how people find her to be honest! We just happened to drive by the road and see a little sign heading up to her home, when we had left an Amish town who's name is escaping me at the moment. Was it Jamesport? Yes, that was it!

We are very discouraged with our trees this year. This spring we lost a lemon tree, but I noticed yesterday another one of them is bursting forth with fragrant blossoms! I might have to go snip a branch to bring in to the house. We lost a curly willow tree, for no apparent reason at all. I was so excited too, as it had put on 10 feet since a year ago spring. Half of it died on one branch off, and I thought, ok, we will still have the other half, that was fine. Then it died about a month later. I will never know what happened. The big crepe myrtle tree we "saved" from demolition at a bank never bloomed, or sprouted leaves. Not til the past month when some suckers shot up from the bottom of the tree. The whole thing is coming out. We put so much money in to saving it too, and planting it in to very nice soil. I guess maybe it would have preferred the hard red clay we had removed from the hole.
OK, I took the crazy gourd video the other day, and it is posted on You tube. You can see if from the video bar.
Well, happy weekend, that is about over I guess. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
Blessings, Sue

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