Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Day of Reflections....

As I have been sick, sometimes I slow down, and stop to see the roses. (Hard to smell them with a plugged nose!) They are still blooming, as are the mums, and gourd plants. No frost or freezes yet, to kill them off. As some of the weeds fall way to a slow death, I see the things that have been hidden all too long. This one weed is horrible and it grows up in the bayou before you realize it, and it grows 12-15 feet tall. I spray to kill it at the first sight of them, then still miss get back out there to do them all in. The cypress trees that are babies are still there, growing a bit since I saw them last!

The songs birds that are a familiar site since spring have given way to the snow birds flying in. We counted 14 bluebirds a few weeks back, while hubby and I were sitting on the porch. It has been raining, so I am not sure if they have flown south yet or not. Hopefully they might just winter here. The swallows were here about a month ago, and just as we needed them for mosquito control, they left us high and dry! We honestly never have the mosquitoes here, for anyone that might wonder, with us being in Louisiana and all. The bayou out front brings them in, but it also brings in the birdies and bats that love dining on them. This was the worst I have had them here since we moved in. Darn bites!

The days getting shorter is not my favorite sign of fall. Probably the only sign I don't care to see. I always remind myself though, to brighten it up, that 4 days before Christmas, the shortest day of the year has ended, and the longer days start! Hooray! Just one more thing to look forward to at Christmas time! Hubby possibly not being home for Christmas this year is not one of these things though! He left for Tobago, for work, and may not be home for 4 months or so. We can only be glad he has a job, in this day of dreary news for so many. We do pray for y'all!

The neighborhood is changing! Two houses being built and one more moved in, have our little lane all filled up. Good to know there is no room for any others, unless we were to sell our property. Fat chance on that though! We are off on our own little world here as the last home of the lane. I don't mind neighbors, they are all pretty far off still. A new baby arrived on the lane, and a married couple to be. Younger kids moving in from what I understand too! I might have to have trick or treat things out next year. We have never had trick or treaters, so, maybe I will have to get my act together. Next year of course. :)

I hope y'all have a great day today!

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