Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Grammie.......

Sitting here after posting, and showering, then painting up a new pattern, and I looked at the calender and remembered my Grammie. She would have turned 100 years old today. We lost her 7 years ago. She was the best. I know we all think that, of course, but she was the best Grammie for me.
When I was 7, my sister was born and 2 months later, Grandpa died, and Grammie came to live with us. Mom had to work, so it was always Grammie that was there to watch over us girls. She taught me so many things, and the thing that she taught me that has been the most important thing that changed my life is her love of making things. She always bought us coloring books and crayons with my Mom. Especially Christmas coloring books. I do remember paint by number paint sets too. I also remember her knitting, and crocheting when I was younger. I was always busy riding my horse with my friends, but eventually I gave crafting a whirl. Of course that knitting and crocheting never caught on, but other things did. When I was 13, we moved to California, she stayed in NH. I would go visit her for a few weeks in the summer time, and she taught me how to craft with that plastic stuff. You know, those sheets with squares in them that look like graph paper. What were they called? I forget. So that Christmas I had those ornies on our tree to remember her by, as she saw snowflakes fall in NH and we did not in CA. My Mom still has those ornies.
I moved on to different crafting thought processes, like quilting, but never forgot those summers. That same summer as plastic crafts, she went and bought 6 lobsters and had 3 a piece. Who could ever forget that? Yummy! She taught me how to make corn beef hash with an old fashioned grinder. Yummy too! Baking cookies, cakes and pies were something else I learned from her.
She always helped me out with things. Before we left NH, I had a paper route, and I delivered newspapers on horse back. If it was raining I would never want to deliver by foot, as houses were spread out in the country! She would always drive me. I remember her taking me to her friends houses when we travled to my home town, and learning about garage saleing. Junking too, although, not my kind of junking now though! I do not think she would dumpster dive with me, but who knows? The time she took me to one of my cousins houses and on the drive home, we were on the new bigger freeways, and as we came around a corner, cars were coming at us, and we realized it was a one way. Scared the bejeepers out of us, but it went to show us that horse and buggy days, with one lane like they used to be for her, were best!
I have reminders of her all over the house. The table that her Daddy made for her, a lot of little knick knack items that her Daddy and Mom had, like kitchen stuff, sewing things, like the sock darner that Great Grammie used. That lovely yellow ware bowl that seems to multiply in numbers because I need to have that whole line of sizes in that pattern. Their old Boston Baked beans pot. Too many things to list, but they are my most treasured things, right after my family. She also left me with stories to treasure, of her family. It helped me work oin my family tree. I could live without the whiskers on my chin that are hers, and her sweet tooth, but, as I pluck, and stuff a cookie in my mouth, I think of her.
She taught me how to be a good person, and while I do tend to slack in that area at times, she seems to tap on my shoulder to remind me. She always told me that if I find a white feather, to remember it is hers, watching over me, and that she dropped it. Some times they seem to show up where you least expect a white feather.
There is not a moment that something reminds me of her. I will always treasure those memories. I love you Grammie, and miss you so much.
Love, your grand daughter Susie

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