Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn in the air!

Finally, we have had some cool days, and cooler nights. It is nice to see that the mowing does not need it so often now. It is still green however, so it looks great. I have been cleaning out the zinnia bed. Just straggly remnants are left of the beautiful blooms. I do have babies shooting up in there though, some with blossoms, so I will not mow it down yet. The cukes and zukes have decided to make a new appearance too! New plants with blossoms and all, so I won't mow that yet either. I am sure we will get a freeze before that, but, who knows? I might get a zuke or two for holiday baking. I did tell hubby that it will be a raised bed garden or no veggies again. Just flowers and herbs. (I think I have said this before, like last year?)

Harvest time is here for the pecans. It is a great way to make some money, if you actually want to work! That is what I tell the boys every year. We will see if it kicks in. Brody is always saying he is broke! I might jump out there before the squirrels eat them all up. We have a ton of trees, so I don't think that is possible. I did pick some up last year, just to have some for baking. I did find out that it will be best to go pay to have them cracked, rather than fighting doing them myself. What a pain! (remember, I am not a southerner by birth, so some things are trial and error, and completely new to me, even after 10 years!) I do love the long season of summer that we have. But..... I do get worn out by July, seeing as we can work from February/March on. I can't get used to seeing the wild daffodils at Christmas time, or January, depending on the weather!

I have been really good at crafting this past month or so. 3 patterns out, and more ideas to come. That is when the bout of heat that catches up to me gets me inside, getting things done. It is now time to crank up the Christmas music, and get to making items for the booth in town. Within 2 weeks, I plan on having it all Christmas. I have purchased a lot of graphics to make goodies with. One site, Lisa of has some yummy sets, as does Trina Clark of I bought some of Lisa's over at Trina's site. She does carry other designers goodies! I also hit up Deena of, with the already made up printable goodies. Now to sit down with the clip art, and see if I can make some things. I am clip art illiterate, really. Or, maybe it is just printable illiterate. I have not sat down to make things like that in years, so I do buy ready mades to help me fill in gaps of product. I do have an idea for the clip art, to make some fun and easy ornies. If they work out, I will show you what I made and how I did it. If they don't, well, umm, you know. I won't be around, cuz I threw my computer out the window, along with my printer.

Now, for the fun part, for those who like to win things! Post a comment on how much you would like to win sumpin! I have a prize in mind, but will not post what it is, until we are down, and have a weiner!

Autumn blessings! Sue

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