Friday, April 3, 2009

A Little Down Time....

Yesterday I was just plum worn out. I hate being a lazy bum, but when my body says stop, it means it! I admit it, I just laid around like a bum in an alley. Hubby told me, you just need to relax. Bah humbug. I hate it when he's rrrr rrrigh rrrrrrrriigghhhhht. I hate it more to say that! So I took a nap, and felt much better, but just got enough laundry halfway done, and dinner on, and that was it. Walking the dogs, all 5 of them is enough work. We had a major wind blow go through here early in the morning, and everything was scattered. I picked up what I could and noticed the shingles blown up in another spot, and the antenae that was installed by Dish was broken. It didn't work anyway. Oh well. Roof is getting replaced thanks to Gustav, so all in all, that is ok.

April Fool's was a fun day. We had it planned to fix a part of the fence out here that the cattle were breaking down between pastures. The buttheads. That is when Bo got a call from a friend of ours that had stopped by the pasture where our bucking bulls are, and noticed broken wire there. He was not sure how many animals were in there, but it seemed some might be missing. We raced up there with the 4 wheeler, and found the hole, but not 7 missing animals. None of which were any of the 6 inexpensive roping steers of said friend, of course. The terrain in there can get steep, with 2 or 3 creeks running through it, and we saw nothing. They all come running when we call them. We headed out the gate, but there were no tracks in the grass where the fence break was, but they must have gotten out some where. This pasture borders I-49 on one side, so we took off up the wrong way of the highway on the 4 wheeler, and down in to the ravines. There were the 7 stinkers, at the bottom of a ravine, way in the back corner of the pasture. Mr. Naughty being the leader of the pack. He is the big black bull that hangs out in the background when we call them in. Meaner than a junkyard dog. Rob told us when he comes at you, the fence is not going to deter him. So, I crawled into the fenced area, and proceeded to tell those rascals to get on down the hill to get some sweet feed with the others. There were some trees in between me and Mr Naughty, so I was not afraid. I have a way with animals. It was wooded, so the only thing I was scared of was running in to a snake! Those are not the animals I ever really want to have a way with.

To make a long story short, they went down the hill, no mishaps, and we felt so much relief. It is missing your own babies. Only 4 of them are 2 year olds. The rest are yearlings. Babies I tell ya. Mr Naughty or not, he is still my baby. He knows this. I can tell. Just a pussycat with me. Mm hmm, my hubby says. I told him to leave him to me, and he would be halter broke within a day. "What good is a halter broke bucking bull?", he asks me. Heck, I don't know, I shrugged.

So we sauntered home, and did some more chores. Those darn purple martin houses were set back upright, with one being cemented 4 days ago. Those even blew over yesterday, again. We are officially slumlords. They all wanted their deposits back. I don' blame them. Hubby says we need to do what I said when we first put them up, and anchor them with wire. Cement would have helped in the first place, before we had big holes with mud in them. That is what happened I told him. The mud around the cement caved in. I do not want wires around them, just to have more things to weed eat around. They will be unsightly. I will get my way. You just watch. Even if I have to wait for him to go back to work. The boys went out 4 wheeling that afternoon, and this is what they did afterwards, along with some other pics from that day. Yes, those boys were swimming, in an unheated pool. They both take after their father. What can I say? Press the back button after viewing it!

So, today we will finally get back to the fence we had inteneded on fixing all along. Oops, maybe I should not speak of it aloud, or the phone will ring. A trip to HD is in order. HD meaning Home Depot, but I did not want to give them any advertising. Oops again. I like Lowe's better, but I have an HD card. Shame on me.

Well, I am off to the gym, to workout. Thank goodness it is upstairs, or I would never go if I had to drive!

Have a good day!

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