Thursday, April 30, 2009

Air Space is a Premium Here......

It looks like LAX around here lately! We do love it though. 3 Years ago, when we moved here, the same family had been on this lane for 2o some years, owning it all. They shot everything in site. Now, finally the birds, and wildlife are coming back, enforce.

We have cattle egrets in the pastures, herons of every description, swooping over the bayou, and dining on crawdads, and muscles. Otters swimming back and forth, doing the same. Oh, wait, otters don't fly. Back to birds. The mockingbird that wakes us with his song is so funny. He was so excited this morning, he was on the power line, hopping up 2 feet in the air, every so many bars that he sang. Or maybe he was getting a little zap in his toes?

The smaller birds are thriving also. I chuckled at an article this past few issues of Better Homes and Gardens I believe it was. They mentioned if you are on a budget, make a pile of branches and twigs to attract birds to your yard. After cutting limbs to clean up trees, we have 4 huge burn piles ready for fall. They are loaded down with nests now. The purple martins dive bomb over me, as I walk to the garden. I just wait til they dive bomb over me, and let the poop fly. I almost got it the other day. I wonder if he was snickering as he flew by. It had to be a male. You just know it had to be....

The garden is now planted. I made three videos in the youtube video bar, if you would like to see. I wanted a progressive report for this year. It will help hubby see our hard work takes shape as he works out of the country. He is the one that wants that big gourd arbor, so we will build it, and see how it works this year. I think he plans on retiring on the money we make selling them. Need gourds, anyone? We will have more coming this Spring!

I need to get out there and weed. I do have another blogging story for later today. I hope you enjoy the videos!

Blessing for a good day!

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