Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardening 101

Long time, no post. This will be short and sweet! I have been in the garden, planting away! My dear hubby is helping me build a new gourd arbor, amongst other things. He is such a dear. We celebrated our 17th anniversary two days ago. I can't believe how time flies. Never heard that saying before! I guess I will keep him.

I will take some video so that I can have a progressive look at how things come out. You know how you have a blank slate in a newer yard. I wanted it all done, all at once. Now that I have matured, I still want it that way, but, all in all, a slow progression helps. I do need to build that primitive fence around the flower garden, and want to do it a little bit different. I lost a lemon tree, so I will have to replace it soon.

I will head out the door now, and get things all done, with video, and post that. Meanwhile, here is an old archive of my friend Martha's yard from 2 years ago.

If it works anyway!

Have a blessed day, Sue

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