Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Year Older..........

As much as I hate to admit it, yes, I am another year older. I have contemplated this in my mind for months now. It is just a number. That is what they all say. I do not mind getting older, really. It is just that I still feel 25, without all the hassle of not knowing then, what I know now. Yes, that old saying too.

Well, the still feel 25 only goes to the young at heart attitude. The creaks and crackles of bones say otherwise. The sagging boobs, turkey neck aside, I guess I can live with it. That belly flab from carrying two babies I deal with. My everything is flying south, but it is destine to never return north. I really never thought I would consider plastic surgery, ever. Now it is looking to be a great alternative. I find myself holding a stapler and wondering if I can staple my face back at my ear. My boobs up to a perky standard? I never thought I would get so vain! Well, heck, at least the cows boobs sag lower. I will use them as a comparison, not some Hollywood starlet.

The one thing I have decided never to do is to cover my gray hair. At least not totally. A little highlights don't cover it as much as they just blend it in better. My hubby says it is cute. Good for him, as he is the one that gave them to me anyway. And easy to say when he is 6 years younger than I am. Now you really want to hear someone squawk about gray hairs. Bo is the guy to listen to.

I think the funniest thing about growing older is the things you have inherited from your Mother and Grandmothers. Grammie gave me her sweet tooth, and chin hairs. She also passed along a belly that grows pregnant looking as we gain weight. Mom got that too, just not the chin hairs. I wish I could trade her for those. The walking farts is what is getting to me too. That and bladder control. I am not old enough for my teenage sons to be laughing at me. They are supposed to snicker at their Gramma's, not me. My blood pressure is up for the last 6 months. Slow down on sodium Doc says. I have been working out though. I just need to eat better. I don't diet. Never have, never will. It is a nasty four letter word. Makes me eat more. I would rather workout. It is contagious if you tell yourself it is fun. Love it, and love yourself for doing it! ( I heard you whisper shut up to me.) My hearing ain't that bad!

Well, 47, all in all can't be that bad. What I don't understand is why we call it middle age, from here on up. That must guarantee me to live to the age of 94, right? Right?

Here is to your beautiful wonderful health today. Mine too. All presents can be sent in the form of cash in to my Paypal account. I will go eat something healthy, instead of cake. No, really, I will.

Blessings, Sue

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