Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Good Dogs go Bad

Did I ever tell you we have 4 house dogs? 2, 60 pound bulldogs, and 2, 110 pound Rottweiler puppies. Yes, I said puppies. I lost my mind a long time ago, so this is not a problem. It is however, a problem for my hubby, and Brody. Brody is a cat person, and hubby is just, hubby. ;) He loves them, but those pups are getting too big to be in the house all the time. They do go out when it is warm, so that helps the exercise, but it has been cold. And, the biggest thing that drives him crazy is how 4 dogs like that can all fit on my feet, all at once. It is a feat to see, for sure. He is jealous. He wants to be the only sitting at my feet. I don't blame him, everyone should bow, and kiss my feet.

First thing in the morning is so much fun here! We don't need alarms to wake up, we have doggies that get the zoomies. You know what I mean when I say zoomies, if you have doggies. The puppies, Zeus and Apollo start wrestling, and chasing each other, bouncing off the walls, and springing off the couches, so get the extra zoom effect. We don't allow them on the couches, so this is something of an alarming thing. I mean, we do need some new furniture, but, hubby does not see this as funny. I do though, as I push them off of the couches, and act mad. I am mad, but it is still hilarious to watch!

Bossy and Bruce, the bulldogs do get in to the act, but their short legs make it harder to jump for them. Thank goodness! We have had bulldogs in the house for the past 18 years, at least one, and to have tall dogs has been a challenge. Zeus has been a laidback boy, but Apollo is a sneaky brat. I have had a phone, and a new camera succumb to his meal of choice, when he gets up to the goodies on the counter. They still work, but it is hard to dial out, or take pics, when the screen has a tooth mark in them. You just can't see anything! My Ray Bans have been chewed, and those are just the things we have found before the innevitable gifting that comes later on. I won't say any more. I think you get the picture.

All in all, the puppy training has gone well. They have had no potty accidents in months, thanks to dog kennels. If you have not ever used those to potty train dogs, it is the way to go. Or just pull out your hair. Great if you need to thin out thick hair, but if you have thin hair like me, go get some Rogain first.

Dogs are an endless source of entertainment, exercise and unconditional love. Even if I am constantly tripping over one or all. As I type, Bruce is sitting as close to me as he can be, without actually crawling up my pantleg. We almost lost him a month or so ago, so he has really been a Momma's boy. He is the sweetest boy!

I guess I better go sweep up the floor. Did you know dust doggies do not end in the spring time, and they do not hide well. I swept them all up the other day, and hid them under the couches. Work done well, until I threw open the windows, and the breeze that freshened the house air, also blew them all out. Drat. Sweeping things under the rug definatly does not work. I guess today I will throw them out. More work, actually having to pick them up, and dump them in to the garbage.

Well, here I go. It will take extra time, so I best get to it!

Have a great day!

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