Saturday, March 14, 2009

As the Rain Gauge Grows

It is a beautiful thing to see! The rain arriveth! I am so glad for this, for my friends tha needed it so badly, over in Texas, as well as other places in the South. We have been quite dry since Gustav hit last year. Very little in the way of rain. Thank you Lord!

The yard is greening up, and it is really ready for planting. Last year we were in a drought, and I just ended up giving up on planting more things that would need to be watered. I have a flower garden that never got past a curly willow tree, and 4 rose bushes. My gourds did ok, but the whole area really flooded, so they were soggy for a long time, and that cut down on the crop that survived.

It is now day 4 of rain, and while we love it, I am getting cabin fever. I have no more munchies, am tired of them, yet I cannot stop eating! Once I get back outside, it will melt in to no more muchies. Just yard work. which I love. House work has its place, in someone else's home! I need a housekeeper. TV sounds horrible, except for PBR tonight. Let's see if Big Tex wins over Bones.

Hubby got bit by a brown recluse spider last month, and we finally got rid of the staph infection, so we thought. It came back, in his elbow this time. This stuff is scary, really. The Docs gave him 2 stronger antibiotics, and if that does not work, he will go in for IV drip antibiotics. He is resting, and keeping that arm elevated.

Well, no sun kind of drains me of my mojo, so I will sign out for now. Here is to some sun, and warmer temps tomorrow!


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