Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fixin Fence and Spring Time

Good Morning my friends!

I hope this fine morning finds you all chipper, and ready for anything that comes your way! Did you set your clocks forward? Better get to it! Church will not wait for you! God sure will, but the Pastor won't!

Bo and I have been dragging the boys outside after their school work is done, and we have been ripping out 100 year old fence, to make way for progress. This is a very old tree lined fence, and it is with great dismay we are bulldozing trees. It is a fine balance with me, to tear down those trees. You cannot replace those majestic giants I argued. All I heard was "fences and trees don't mix." "I know they don't, but I will choose which ones go", I told them, they did not seem to hear me. We have all found a way to agree though. So we have started ripping out this old fence, so it does not bog down the dozer as it kills those trees. It is just the short scrubby ones that just have limbs that extend out, like old living oaks. All the tall pretty pecan trees and the oaks will stay. Limbed up of course, but they stay. The hilarity in this is when we were house shopping 3 years ago, we ran in to this house via the internet. I said no to it, because I could see, from that little picture in the ad, that the trees were too far from the house. No shade. We got here to look at the place, and they were closer than what I thought.

Now, y'all have seen old barbed wire fence I am sure. If you haven't, I feel sorry for you to have never ventured out of the city limits. I try very hard not to venture in to the city. Anyway, I also add in here my recycling tip for the day. This fence, being very old, has the most wonderful old posts, that would have out lived any fence put on them. They are made of oak, and cypress. Wonderful beauties! Well, we burned those and are recycling the wire. Just kiddin! Last year I put in a big flower garden, and I wanted it to be fenced all in rustic material. I had a few posts last year from mending parts of this fence, now I have tons! Hubby said, well, let's fix it this way, and he showed me what he meant. So, yesterday, we started on that project. We have a long line of fenced to do, but we have to do it one pasture at a time, so we can keep cattle from leaving their home turf. The interesting part will be this one line in back of our house, to keep them out of the pool. Should be a rodeo, or a shooting match.

Back to the posts. We have them cut, and now we will get to weaving them today. After a quick trip to check on the bulls and to Home Depot for some paint, and more wire to weave this fence. Paint is for rainy day inside chores.

All in all, my honey do list is getting done, with hubbies help. He does a great job at helping me with the real heavy work. Then the rest I can handle on my own. You have got to be able to do it, if your hubby works away from home for months at a time. Last year I tackled some heavy work myself, and I have a shoulder that is now paying for that heavy work. I told you previously that he does the list, when he thinks they are his idea, and I happen to leave that list laying around in the place he will read it, and then tell me he thought of this that needs to be done. Yup, next month will mark 17 years of wedded bliss. Slowly that training goes.

The lawn got mowed, the garden got plowed, the bush hogging is done. All that is needed for spring outdoor chores is weed eating, round up and moving some plants that need a new home. Of course next week will be finding me mowing again. Lawns maintenance starts early here in LA, and ends very late in the fall. I love it though. I love the fact that I can drink my coffee out on the porch the last few mornings, while I watch the purple martins check out their new digs. The white herons are down in the bayou, eating craw fish, as are the otters. Birdies are singing every where. I love spring.

Happy Spring everyone!

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