Friday, March 27, 2009

All Stop on Fence Post Collecting.....

Well, here we are, not collecting any more of my vintage fence posts. We got a good head start on Monday. We were removing them, as the bulldozer busts through the trees, and the fence buy starts slinging. I was at post number three, and I looked up at a low branch, not to bump my head, and a snake lay on it, just as purdy as a picture. NOT! Hubby had Brody run to the house for the shot gun, and he blew his head off. That is the end of collecting posts. Hubby gets violent when he sees a snake. He had us standing 50 feet away, just in case it jumped at us. ;)

Now, this violence goes back to our honeymoon drive home. We spent a lovely time in Mendocino, CA, and as we drove through cattle country on our way home, to Reno. I of course, had to take a pit stop. Not one to enjoy crowds, unless it is time to eat, we stopped at this old ranch, and shimmied through the old powder river gate. As we drove up, we saw this squirrel sitting up looking at us and not running away. So, our bulldog Bogie went under the gate, then I did. As hubby went to come through, facing the opposite direction, he was face to face with a rattler. Talk about coming unglued! He backed up slowly, and went to the car, and got his Glock out. He then proceeded to unload the whole clip in to that snake. Fun week!

Now, what to do with a fence that will be either half finished, or the way we are making it, the posts will be spread apart quite thinly. We will see how it goes. Cooler weather this weekend might have me out there scrambling to get some more. I wonder if hubby will follow this logic?

We have had 3 inches of rain this past two days, and 3 last week, with more coming in this evening. That will help the flowers and lawn. I am trying to really figure out the hype of grass. We have 7 acres to mow, and as we get it mowed, the rain comes in and makes it grow faster, like a weed. Go figure the human mind. The pasture gets chewed down, thank goodness! That saves 43 more acres from needing my time! We pulled dirt samples from the pastures to see what fertilizing we need. This to, get this, make the grass grow. Sheesh. Moo's on the graze fix that. I am about to sling more electric wire so that they can eat the lawn. That would not work though, as I have to have the lawn just so. We live on a dead end road, where hardly anyone sees this beauty, but, I get finicky anyway. More flower beds will cut that down, hopefully. Thank goodness for 2 boys. They help me mow, so all in all a 6 hour job takes less time for me, with their help. Weed eating takes me more time. Weed killer helps that job be less, after the first round, if I keep up on it from month to month. That is IF.

We also put in 2 Purple Martin houses. That is a story of sub prime mortgages. These families bought their condos, paid in full, instead of getting caught up in those sub primes. Then yesterday morning I awoke to 2 multi complexes falling over. I think they might sue. I put them back upright, but last night, the newest complex fell back the other way. I can't even be one of those contractors that leaves behind unfinished work. I live here. I told hubby they needed cement, but no. No cement he said. I think this changed his mind. When the ground gets dry, you can pop those blocks right out of the ground if need be. Construction will commence shortly. When hubby takes a nap, he will be none the wiser.

Well kiddos, my workout awaits. I've been slacking.

Blessings to all!

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