Friday, February 27, 2009

Tales from the Trail

Good Morning everyone!

We finally arrived home from Texas last night at midnight. We went over to Rob's house out by Abilene, and rounded up the cattle to worm them. What an event! Bo had talked Rob in to saddling up another horse and letting me ride with the Adam and Rob. I was excited, but knew I was a total green horn at rounding up a herd! Not only that, but I have only ridden horses sporadically since meeting my hubby Bo, 18 years ago!

I knew a bit about what to do, and listened to Rob and Adam to the T, as far as I could. Hard to hear ya yelling at me in to the wind guys! ;) Rooster, the gelding I rode, knew what to do though. Thank goodness! I have always wanted to ride a cutting horse, well, I got my first taste of that! Might be thinking better on buying a cutting horse right away! It really was a treat to see Adam and Rob rope those cattle. Flying across the field, and throwing those lariats. I personally can rope, and ride, and I can even rope a calf. All of this being done while everything is standing still though. I told Bo I wished he had video taped them.

Well, I dunno how good of a job I did, but, I survived it, save for my rump roast. One thing you need to know, is that I finally know what they sell Boudreux's butt paste for, as well as that Anti Monkey Butt Powder at Tractor Supply. Making that trip to town for that now. YOUCH. I now know where the term yippy ki yi ya came from. The only thing that made those bruises, and road rash worse is driving 8 hours to get home.

We did see just how much Texas needs some rain, so I will keep saying a prayer for you all. Here's to greener pastures coming your way soon. Well, maybe not THOSE greener pastures!


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