Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Lil About Family

I think I really forgot to introduce myself, and my family! My name is Sue, as indicated in my profile, had you taking the time to read it. ;) I have been married to my hubby Bo for almost 17 years now. We have two wonderful sons, Brody and Chance. We live here in Central Louisiana. Can't say we're from here, as most folks around yonder here can tell by our accent. "Y'all ain't from round here, r ya?" No, I guess our California "accents" gave us away. What accent???

We have a lil acreage here, that we call the Triple Nickel Ranch, and gathering info from my other posts, we have bucking bulls. We have always loved rodeo, and always wanted to raise bulls, so here we are. We want our pastures overflowing with bucking bull stock. We have partnered up with Rob Smets, and look forward to doing this all the rest of our days. He and his wife Carla are good people.

I have decided that in between chores and designing patterns for crafters, that I am a self professed cowgirl humorist. Lord help us all. Baxter Black ain't got nuthin on me! Well, maybe a few syndicated columns or two. I keep my hubby in stitches at times. That is when he gets to be home from work. He works for the offshore industry, and works out of the country a good part of the year. Bless his heart. I love that man.

We have a good marriage. It grows and thrives like weeds, er I mean flowers. As long as I don't hand him a honey do list. Oh Lord, I will never forget handing him his first list. He kindly (it wasn't too kindly) handed it back to me, and said, don't ever give me a honey do list again. You ladies know how well that landed in my craw. But, after we have been together so long, he does the list, it just ain't from no piece of paper. I have to work it just right, never letting him know it is a list in my noggin. Or I end up doing it myself, and he says, I would have helped you! "Yes, dear, but I wanted it done before I push up daisies" I tell him. In the back of my mind, of course. Yup. We're a pair of lovesick pups, alright.

We decided a long time ago to home school. I have decided I have learned more in the last 9 years homeschooling than I ever learned in my school years. I thought I was done with school. Sheesh. It has always made it easier on us, with them to be able to travel when we take a notion to go somewhere, without being hassled about too many sick days without doctors notes. That is all I will be sayin on that subject. That will have to be a book. I wil jus ned a gud edator wen I rite it.

We love good friends, good times spent in the fresh air, and The Good Lord. Country cookin for me. Meat and taters. Beef, it is what's for dinner and all that stuff. If the Good Lord wanted us to eat just veggies, He would not have given us those chompers in the back of our mouth for chewin a hardy chunk of steak, and warsh it down with a good ol glass of milk. Can I do one of those milk commercials fellas? I know I ain't famous, but who cares. I will actually be having a real milkstache, but it is really drippin off my chin, not a Charlie Chaplin stache.

I guess that is enough for now. I probably left a lot out, but you probably stopped readin this a few paragraphs back. Here's to keeping yer back to the wind, and yer hoss headed you down the right trail.

Blessings, Sue

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