Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cowgirl Facials

I know a lot of you cowgirls know exactly where this story is going! All those romps out on the 4 wheeler fixing fences can get rough. But I used that time to go to a spa! Can you believe it? Yessiree buckaroo. If you get that speedometer up to 50 MPH and run through mud, you get the best mud facial, and for free, you get a hair restoration mud pack. Sure beats salon prices, especially when you figure in fuel in the dually to get to town, then spa prices? Sheesh, I got that done for free! There is a fabulous lip balm out there too. Cow patties. I guran dang tee you that you will not have chapped lips ever. What's the secret you say? You will never lick your lips again! ;)I tell ya, cow mud is the secret to not aging so fast! That being mud that you get only through a cow pasture. Hmm, maybe I should bottle it and sell it.

Speaking of cow pastures, do you know what a cowgirl likes most of all. That time when she gets out of the city, and takes a deep breathe, and smells the sweet smell of cow poop. She knows she is home when that fragrance wafts through her nostrils. Mmm mm. Nothing beats that but the green grass coming in for the spring, and the flowers blossoming. If you say yuck, you might be a city slicker.

The babies are hitting the ground now, of course. Nothing better then sitting on our 4 wheelers, like Bo and I did a few weeks back, watching the sun going down, and a calf being born. It is a privilege to see. The comic relief watching a baby struggle to get to his feet, and wobble, and Mama is busy drying him off, pushing and tugging. He tumbles like a drunkard, and tries again. You can just hear him say, hey, Mom, let me get my land legs, and get some chow, would ya? Poor thing!

Well, here goes another day at the Triple Nickel Ranch! Bo is currently busy picking up some young bulls over at Rob's place in Texas, and bringing them here to Louisiana. He'll make a pit stop in Emory to buck them for the first time, and see what might come of them. Feed getting hard to find, so we will bring them here for the time being. We are saying prayers for rain for y'all in Texas.

Here's to another day, and another 2 cents worth of yackin. I need to go change my muddy britches and get some chores done!

Blessings, Sue

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